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Sphere (NOT water drops or the moon!)

This challenge closed almost 4 years ago.

The Challenge

Must be a sphere. Not an elliptical pod, like on the London Eye or a cable car, a perfect-enough tangible sphere… can be a ball, can be something else, like a sphere of the Atomium (pictured) can be a marble or… well anything else which is spherical. Let’s NOT see water drops or moon shots though, we see them in a lot of challenges and really they can be left to those. No water drops or images of the moon, no matter how nice will be accepted. ☺

EDITED Occasionally when we start a challenge some of the entries that “happen” simply did not occur to us to mention. Therefore we need to add an edit. Apologies that these following things were not predicted at the time of launch:

  1. I did not say “manmade” as in a created sphere so fruit has been entered. That’s fine. Gooseberries, oranges etc are ok if they look as spherical as possible, although this was not the original intention of the challenge. Apples, lemons, elliptical rather than spherical fruits and other fruit that “go in” at the stem like cherries for example which are not true spheres.
  2. True spheres with something on the outside, like a golf ball on a tee or like the example image are ok.
  3. Water drops, I thought would imply liquids in general so I shall say here No water drops or other liquids, we are talking about tangible spheres.
  4. Tangible spheres are just that. Think of a ball that you can touch. Think of a solid ball. Think of a world globe. Think of… well something that is a sphere. Really. Not a bunch of things that are arranged into a somewhat spherical shape together.
  5. Think GLOBE not GLOBULE.

Oh and must be a photograph.


No bugs, flying or otherwise, snakes and nudity
If your work does not look like a photograph, even if it started its life as a photo, it will not be accepted.
Please add your work to the group.
Please only enter work that has been asked for in the challenge description
As close to “as is” as possible please.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Please vote for your favourite(s) that fit the theme.

Rewards & Prizes

Top 10/winner will be featured. 2 host choices will be featured, more if the winner/top 10 do not enter work to the group.
If the work finishes in the top 10 AND is in the group, you will be eligible for the avatar challenge stated.

Additional Information

Please add work to the group.
Work with a safe filter cannot be seen therefore cannot be accepted. No NSFW works will be accepted.
This is the photography challenge group not photoshop challenge group
Any work submitted to the group that does not fit an open for entries challenge will be rejected no matter how awesome.

Cover Image: Atomisphere by ellismorleyphto


The Top Ten

Marbles by Barbara Morrison

Marbles by Barbara Morrison was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 10 votes.

  • Three bouncing baubles  by bubblehex08
  • Playing For Keeps by Jessica Manelis
  • eclipse of the stars by marxbrothers
  • Breda reflected by Hans Bax
  • Reflections of Exeter by Susie Peek
  • Marbles by Nigel Bangert
  • In My Own Little World by Ami  Wilber-Mosher
  • Kenilworth Ball by John Evans
  • Balloon in park in Torquay on a nice sunny day in April by Tony Blakie

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