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!!*Photography* Challenge Group!! Happy Holidays :-)

This group is all about Themed Photography Challenges

Fast $20: Not a cloud in the blue sky

This challenge closed over 4 years ago.

The Challenge

Please note: 2 days entry + 2 days voting, featuring the winners on a future Tuesday.

We had a voucher challenge for November, this one will finish in December so will be the December voucher challenge.

This is for the people who have never ever seen snow (or who have but….)

Yes, please:
Clear blue skied good weather landscapes, of countryside or cities by day, but must contain a clear blue good weather sky (not just a clear day on a snowy scene etc/ – the wider the angle, the better)

NOT A CLOUD in the sky. This means COMPLETELY clear, no cloud wisps, no thundrous clouds approaching etc, no grey skies

No, thanks:
Everything else… To be even more clear:

  1. no macros
  2. …nothing that requires a safe filter, nothing that you wouldn’t show to your grandma or to a 5-year-old (I shouldn’t have to say this for this subject, but we had some surprises…)
  3. no writing on the images, this is still a photography challenge group, so unless the subject of your photo contains writing (e.g. writing on a shop window or flying banner, etc.), keep images with writing on them out of this, thank you.
  4. as usual, please, no insects, arachnids, reptiles legged or otherwise or butterflies – thank you!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Please vote for your favourite(s) that fit the theme, as many as they are. Every vote counts!

Rewards & Prizes

  1. Bragging rights
  2. $20 voucher for the winner
  3. Banners for top ten photos
  4. Features for the Top 10 and 2 host choices (or as many from the top 10 that are in the group, plus the remaining places as ‘hosts’ choices’).
  5. Top ten will be invited to participate in next month’s Avatar challenge

Additional Information

  1. Please remember this is the photography challenge group :-)
  1. the voucher goes to the first that is in the group and the closest to the top ten
  2. Works not added to the group cannot be featured when they end in the top 10 (‘computer says NO’). Adding to the group once the challenge is over will be too late. Please add your work to the group as you add it to the challenge! :-)

Cover Image: I Heart Hong Kong by ellismorleyphto


The Top Ten

Lemaire Channel, Antarctica by Neville Jones

Lemaire Channel, Antarctica by Neville Jones was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 16 votes.

  • Three of a kind by Konstantinos Arvanitopoulos
  • Glowing Forest by Wojciech Dabrowski
  • Bon voyage! by Hans Bax
  • Jetty by Jessica Loftus
  • Searching by Kerry  Hill
  • 2010 Reno Balloon races by the57man
  • Beautiful Day in Milford Sound by Michael Treloar
  • Red Rock Canyon by Fraser Ross
  • Oia Village 2, Santorini, Greece by inglesina

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