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This challenge closed about 5 years ago.

The Challenge

Would like the focus to please be on one SINGLE shop, as in the example photo…

Update: There are some submitted already with 2.. I have allowed some of those in as I understand that they are photos ‘already taken’… but SINGLE shops are what we are looking for please if you are going out with your camera for this challenge!

Shouldn’t need to say more but… no streets as a whole, no “just doors” or “just windows”. Shops where you can see waht it’s called, the door and the window display (no shutters closed)… again, chcek the example photograph… must be a shop… must be a shopfront… and no bugs (seriously, they are being uploaded for every challenge so far…) that’s pretty much it :-P

Update: I have had to remove several shots… street vendors, outside stalls, cafés, JUST the windows, a street scene and so on… please if you are in any doubt as to what we are after, check the example image

Please do not be offended if your image was rejected it was just not what we are looking for in THIS challenge

Friday Challenge

Judging / Voting Criteria

Please vote for your favourite(s), as many as they are. Every vote counts!

Rewards & Prizes

  1. Bragging rights
  2. Banners for top ten photos
  3. Features for the Top 10 and 2 host choices (or as many from the top 10 that are in the group, plus the remaining places as ‘hosts’ choices’).
  4. Top ten will be invited to participate in next month’s Avatar challenge

Additional Information

  1. Please remember this is the photography challenge group :-)
  1. Works not added to the group cannot be featured when they end in the top 10 (‘computer says NO’). Adding to the group once the challenge is over will be too late. Please add your work to the group as you add it to the challenge! :-)

Friday Challenge

Cover Image: Well, Hellsnow Kitty! by ellismorleyphto


The Top Ten

Jellibon by ajgosling

Jellibon by ajgosling was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 10 votes.

  • Lacquerware shop, Hong Kong by Maggie Hegarty
  • Naples by Christine Wilson
  • Morpeth Cottage Bakehouse by Sharon Brown
  • YellowRatBastard by AJM Photography
  • Dalston shop by Mark Smart
  • Spill the Beans by pix-elation
  • French Cafe at Notre Dame by Andrew Wilson
  • Small shop by Lyz48
  • Gift shop..... by DaveHrusecky

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