Moog Jam on Wednesday's Society (Rail and Power)

Supporting your unhealthy obsession with Railway Stations and Powerlines.


  • Pylons by shakey
  • Into the Unknown by Ani Corless
  • The End by Ani Corless
  • Power Up by EbelArt
  • Walking the Line by MKWhite
  • The Long Track Ahead by EbelArt
  • Tracks by shakey
  • Side Tracked by EbelArt
  • Stopping all stations except East Richmond by kimbaross
  • power by byronC
  • lonely (black) by byronC
  • Winter Blush by Terry Doyle
  • Power by Ani Corless
  • waiting by Ani Corless
  • these lights by sasufi
  • Railway Line at Hexham NSW by Phil Woodman
  • Line of Pylons on Ash Island NSW by Phil Woodman
  • Reflections Of The Past by EbelArt