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Moog Jam on Wednesday's Society (Rail and Power)

Supporting your unhealthy obsession with Railway Stations and Powerlines.


  • Walking the Line by Bill Wetmore
  • in and out of train by pugazhraj
  • Dahlias Face by Joy Watson
  • Chinaman by Jon Holland
  • Hunter Valley Coal Train NSW Australia by Phil Woodman
  • Crossing by Bill Wetmore
  • scary shed antics by chookshedflambe
  • Build it. They will come. by Bill Wetmore
  • Ghost Towers by Bill Wetmore
  • Miami Metro Hub by Bill Wetmore
  • Steam Engine 3237 - The Last Ride Out of Newcastle NSW by Phil Woodman
  • Powerlines on the Fringe by Bill Wetmore
  • Telegraph Line by Bill Wetmore
  • Underneath- a view from under a CSR Railroad Girder Bridge by Bill Wetmore
  • Chambers Street Station by Bill Wetmore
  • Toowong Rail Line by MichaelJP
  • firestation by knockturmoil