Moog Jam on Wednesday's Society (Rail and Power)

Supporting your unhealthy obsession with Railway Stations and Powerlines.

Recent Work

  • in and out of train by pugazhraj
  • Dahlias Face by Joy Watson
  • Chinaman by Jon Holland
  • Hunter Valley Coal Train NSW Australia by Phil Woodman
  • Crossing by Bill Wetmore
  • scary shed antics by chookshedflambe
  • Build it. They will come. by Bill Wetmore
  • Ghost Towers by Bill Wetmore
  • Miami Metro Hub by Bill Wetmore
  • Steam Engine 3237 - The Last Ride Out of Newcastle NSW by Phil Woodman
  • Powerlines on the Fringe by Bill Wetmore

About This Group

We are here for those who have readily ignored abuse from City Rail and London Tube Staff and popped out their camera in in a train/ tube station.

No one often considers how awesome Power lines and Railway stations are. They move us, they provide energy to our homes and have spurred on the industrial revolution. We should revere these tributes to an ever-evolving earth. They are a constant reminder of what man is doing to this world and hopefully will someday be broken lost reminders of a damaged time.

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