A group to showcase art which expresses Anguish, Madness and Rage

Recent Work

  • Elon Musk Tesla  by NichePrints
  • Maury povitch fan art by NichePrints
  • Reared Head Ugly by ellamental
  • CITYSCAPE 17 by johnlegry
  • we are here to drink beer by titus toledo
  • Skulls  by LoneAngel
  • number9death by titus toledo
  • Android Dreams by blacknight
  • LGBT Banter - Sorry About your Hole by Cudge Art
  • Bird of Paradise 2 by Alma Lee
  • The last day on Earth by dlikt

About This Group

This is a Controversial, thought provoking, rule breaking, unconventional, out of the box, edgy Group. If you can’t handle that then Click Here.

This is not a group for hate art or intentionally offensive art. This is a group to showcase the pure, raw emotion behind human anger and rage. We’re looking for conceptual art and portraits of people expressing these deep, intense human emotions.

These emotions include sadness, loneliness, depression, desperation, madness, anger, etc. Emotions people are often afraid to show, let alone admit that they experience. This is a place to put your feelings out into the open. Please remain respectful in this group and understand the content of this group is going to be intense.

Types of art welcome here include Traditional (all traditional mediums welcome), Poetry, Photography, Photojournalism, Photo Manipulation, Digital Art, etc.

See the group rules and join this group here