Quality Textures, HDR & Photo Manipulation (2 Per Day)

Group Rules:

This group is meant for QUALITY layered works, textures, photomanipulations and HDR. It should be obvious to the viewer that you have added layers to your work as well as it being obvious you have done HDR or other processing. Images that appear as straight photography will not be accepted into the group.

Images of wildlife, flowers, architecture, still life and all other subjects are welcome so long as they are layered. Fantasy work accepted. Captive animals are accepted as long as there are no bars or cages in the photo.

This is a family oriented group, so please, no nudity, no violence, blood, gore or any kind will be accepted. There is a limit of 2 submissions a day.


No added text on images.

No paintings, drawings, journals, cards or T-Shirts will be accepted.

No Snapshots = Family parties, pets, etc

There will be no exceptions to the rules made.

Because images in the challenges are voted on by members, hosts will now be allowed to enter any challenges that do not offer a $20.00 Redbubble voucher. They are however not allowed to be featured as it is the hosts who decide on who is featured.

Hosts reserve the right to reject any work they feel isn’t in line with the rules or that they feel isn’t quality works.

Redbubble guidelines required.

By joining this group hosts will be allowed to use the work you enter for challenges cover pages.