Pylon Photos and Art

This group is for pylon photo’s and art.


  • Fog Pylon by Epicurian
  • Pylon (132000 volts) by martin bullimore
  • Cable car at Floriade 2012 by George Row
  • Old Street Lamp by Stan Owen
  • Earth Sculptures at Floriade 2012 by George Row
  • Monas, Jakarta by Tim Coleman
  • Talacre Metal Lighthouse ' Keeper ' by Stan Owen
  • Power by Syd Winer
  • Earthy Head at Floriade 2012 by George Row
  • Sky lines at night by Javimage
  • Cleveland Sunset by Marcia Rubin
  • Niederfinow Boat lift by orko
  • warping by vampvamp
  • Dark Tower by Mark Roon-Reitmeier
  • Ben from beneath (1) by Hélène David-Cuny
  • Naturally Electric by Sarah Jane Bingham
  • High Voltage!! by rachellena
  • Winter Pylon Reflections HDR Hi Key by Glen Allen