Pulp Noir

Group Rules:

Your Promise To The Group:

You will only submit complete fictional short stories only of between 250 and 750 words (no poetry, prose or extracts) To clarify complete short stories, this means we do no accept extracts, instalments, episodes, chapters from novel, etc.

Your stories will be full of excitings plots, with fascinating characters and gut wrenching twists. This is not a group for senstive litetrary aspirations.

Your stories will come out of the genres of crime, mystery, thrillers, suspense, horror, chillers, supernatural, erotica, westerns, fantasy, sci-fi or thrilling adventures. (Kudos to anyone who manages a story that includes all these!!!)

This group is all about interaction – which means you should view and comment on as many works in the group as often as you can. If you are planning to join and not support others, please don’t!

Constructive feedback is encouraged as long as it is polite and well intentioned.

Please only include journals that relate directly to the group or inform others about your sepcific activities or opportunities elsewhere. Do not include stories as journals.

And most importantly have fun!

Our Hosts Promise To The Group:

We will seek to encourage and develop you the members as much as we possibly can.

We will always listen to you the members. This is your group which we have the honour to run on your behalf.

We will attempt to make the group as fun and entertaining as we can.

We will not accept nor tolerate anyone who personally attacks or insults other members. Constuctive feedback is always encouraged but it should be well intentioned and never personal.