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Pulp Noir

Thrilling hardboiled tales from the dark & seedy underbelly of life!


  • At The Hero's Bar Villains are Welcome.. ( Tokyo Holiday Journal ) by John Dicandia  ( JinnDoW )
  • Party by Gavin Dobson
  • Do you love me now? by MGBradford
  • Untitled by Citizen
  • Altered, First Kill by Cameron Hampton
  • Irritated Object with Light in Vinyl D&G Dress  by Margaret Bryant
  • Hurry Up by Margaret Bryant
  • KittyHawk Bad Guy Illustration by Cameron Hampton
  • Altered, How Did He Get Away? by Cameron Hampton
  • urbspce17 by Michael A. Morrison
  • The end of Leroy?  by Joozu
  • Game for the Hunt by Sturstein
  • Gangsta I  by Cameron Hampton
  • Boss No. 2 by Cameron Hampton
  • Nasty Habit 1 by Margaret Bryant
  • Wedding Pearls on Sunday Afternoon by Margaret Bryant
  • Cigarette Man by Cameron Hampton
  • Smoke Signals by Georgi Ruley: Agent7