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Proudest Portraiture Photography. Give me your best! - please read terms/rules.

MINIMAL POST EDITING... KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL!!!! Your own work, most natural portraits, your best work, your most proud work,

Recent Work

  • A Wonderful Sunny Afternoon by Evita
  • The Bride II by Aisha Dar
  • Summer by Damienne Bingham
  • Lady in Dark Glasses by montserrat
  • Dermot Mulroney by montserrat
  • Melbourne Portrait Shoot 6 by Trish Woodford
  • namaste in blue by handheld-films
  • In Control by Jessica Hooper
  • The Gambler by Neha  Gupta
  • Woman portrait II by Mark Smart
  • Kashmir Girl by Neha  Gupta
  • Irynuca by Andrew Jones

About This Group

Photography only (no paintings), this group exists to display the portraiture photographs you are most proud of! Please only submit your own, best works.

If you have a large portfolio of great portraits, please only submit your favorites – don’t hog the limelight!

Black and white, monochrome, sepia, color, street, children, oldies, self-portraits, wedding portraits, studio portraits, cultural, cropped/abstract portraits and environmental portraits are all good!!

>>>>>>><<<<<<<<< HOWEVER, as outlined in the ‘Rules’ section, if we think that your photo has been edited or photoshopped to what we consider an unnatural or distasteful amount (rediculously perfect skin, enhanced features etc), WE WILL NOT ACCEPT YOUR PHOTO!!!

-This group is all about good quality, emotive photos displaying genuine PHOTOGRAPHIC TECHNIQUES (depth of field, composition etc), NOT ‘over-the-top’ editing skills.

Please read the VERY reasonable group rules before joining. Enjoy, and PLEASE COMMENT ON ARTIST’S WORKS! – Everyone enjoys getting exposure and pleasing comments on their good work. :) :)

See the group rules and join this group here