Promote Each Other

Group Rules:

To become and continue being a group member you will need to…

  1. Actively promote other group members on websites other than redbubble
  2. Use these sites to promote a variety of works (not just redbubble works or your work)
  3. Disable the clear .gif option from your images (this offers little real protection, and interferes with the promotion of your work)
  4. Regularly promote some of the works from other group members on other websites
  5. Let the group know how and where you are promoting by posting in the forums

We don’t SPAM. You only promote works you like in the forums you choose… But you have to promote actively!

No free-riders – only members who are actively promoting the works of others will remain in the group.

By joining this group you are consenting to other group members using any works from your portfolio for promotional activities and gaining exposure for your work

How do I join?

If you would like to join the group, please contact one of the hosts, indicating where and how you are promoting others!