Project Double X

two or more photographers double exposing the same roll of film or collaborating on a digital multiple image involving one or more photos from each photographer.

Recent Work

  • Bike Lane by jemimalovesbigted
  • 8 + Crab + Beach by PeggySue67
  • Wood + Ocean by PeggySue67
  • Grate + Hitchcock by PeggySue67
  • Fortune Teller + Skulls by PeggySue67
  • Wood + Sun Sculpture by PeggySue67
  • Water Debris + Santa Monica Pier  by PeggySue67
  • Hand + I Love Elvis by PeggySue67
  • memories by gail anderson
  • The Secret Garden by Cathleen Tarawhiti
  • parallel universe  by gail anderson
  • Eternal Flight by Emma  Wertheim

About This Group

this is all about the spirit of collaboration. one photographer shoots a roll of film and gives/mails it to another photographer who also exposes it…. the results are scanned and posted. we will also accept digital multiples – the layering of one or more images, from a minimum of two photographers, into one photographic masterpiece. the guideline here is TWO… TWO or more photographers… making at least TWO or more exposures on film or via the digital darkroom.

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