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PostCard Style (Descriptive INFO required, WHERE/ WHAT - Limit 2 per day)

Where we think we just might learn and share and this is part of the gift of sending or giving a card to someone. .and we can use them to promote a number of things, even ourselves, our countries, our wildlife, our vision, and our awareness of each other

  • Nights in Prague by Hercules Milas
  • Below the Clouds in Norway by Larry Lingard-Davis
  • Monaco Stairway! by Kay Cunningham
  • Carlisle Cathedral Fratry by Tom Gomez
  • Flying  by Rebecca Brann
  • Road To The Manor by CreativeEm
  • Light of Dawn by metriognome
  • Katherine Gorge. Northern Territory.  Australia. by Kay Cunningham
  • A Searching Soul by vividpeach
  • In the Rain by vividpeach
  • On the road again by Hercules Milas
  • One Tree Field by metriognome
  • Night falling on the Grand Canal - Venice by Hercules Milas
  • Organ Stops - Exeter Cathedral by MidnightMelody
  • A Fallata woman in all her finery by jvoweaver
  • Amish Wheels by Polly Peacock
  • Framing the Sunset in London - the London Eye and Big Ben  by Georgia Mizuleva
  • Lawyer - A world traveler by Mike  Savad