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Where we think we just might learn and share and this is part of the gift of sending or giving a card to someone. .and we can use them to promote a number of things, even ourselves, our countries, our wildlife, our vision, and our awareness of each other

Vacation Destinations: Flora and Fauna of Australia & New Zealand - close-up

This challenge closed over 5 years ago.

The Challenge

All right, then let’s go for the last round in our Vacation Destination challenges.
For this challenge, I want to see close-up photography of flora and fauna, native to Australia and New Zealand.

  1. This time, zoo photography is allowed, so the photo/image doesn’t have to be made in Australia or New Zealand, as long it shows animals native to one of these countries.
  2. And we are looking for macro and close-up – no far away animals or plants, but close-up and personal!

Let us see your best images, that you would love to send as a postcard from your vacation in Australia and New Zealand, to those who stayed at home.

REMEMBER to add the place (location = city and country) in the artwork description!!!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Pick out the image(s) that you would love to receive as a postcard from family or friends, from their vacation to Australia & New Zealand !
Vote for as many as you like.

Rewards & Prizes

  • Warm Congratulations from your hosts and group-members and that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you won the challenge or were placed in the Top10!!
    The Top10 winners will receive an invitation to participate in the next voucher challenge.

The challenge winner also receives:
a two weeks feature on the groups’ front page and will become a featured member in this group.

Additional Information

  1. Please make sure that the image you enter for the challenge is also entered into the group, for the chance of being featured!
  1. REMEMBER to add the place (location = city + country) in the artwork description!!!
  1. NOTE TO MEMBERS The image used to represent this challenge is titled
    Superb Fairy-Wren by Ryan Cawse
    Any image used by a member *IS ELIGIBLE" to be posted in the challenge.

Cover Image: Superb Fairy-Wren by Ryan Cawse


The Top Ten

So Handsome by Barbara  Glover

So Handsome by Barbara Glover was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 10 votes.

  • Star Waratah by Michael John
  • Eye of the Crocodile [Print & iPad Case] by Damienne Bingham
  • Shy by Jessica Loftus
  • Adult Yellow-eyed Penguin by Werner Padarin
  • Ummm... by Mieke Boynton
  • Red Hot by patcheah
  • Superb Fairy-Wren by Ryan Cawse
  • Koala on Otway (Can't you see I am busy?) by Kayleigh Walmsley
  • Eagle Eye 3 by Andrew Wilson

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