PostCard Style (Descriptive INFO required, WHERE/ WHAT - Limit 2 per day)

Where we think we just might learn and share and this is part of the gift of sending or giving a card to someone. .and we can use them to promote a number of things, even ourselves, our countries, our wildlife, our vision, and our awareness of each other

Recent Work

  • Golden Gate Night by DJ Florek
  • Frozen blood by Stwayne
  • Tarr Steps by Alexandra Lavizzari
  • Wired up Galahs by indiafrank
  • Snow forest by indiafrank
  • White and gold by indiafrank
  • Montgomery's Hill Vineyard by Margaret Stevens
  • OH SANTA! YOU FORGOT THE TOYS,,, by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Elizabeth Quay Footbridge by lezvee
  • Heart of Midlothian by Tom Gomez
  • Orange Blaze by Nadya Johnson
  • Autumn Reflected ! by Nancy Richard

About This Group

What would you send if you had an image that looked like a post card? Find the best of the best here! Thanks for being a part of POST CARD STYLE!!


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2014 Challenge Winners – Hall of Fame

Discover the World: East Africa

Challenge winner of Discover the World: East Africa (4 votes)

Sunset Over Masai Mara IV [Print & iPad Case]
by Damienne Bingham

Discover the World: Southern Africa

We had two challenge winners in our Discover the World: Southern Africa challenge (each 3 votes) :

Giraffe at the Watering Hole
by travisdallen

Baobab over Chobe
by Graeme Hyde

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