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Printmakers who are Australian or studying abroad. You must be Australian.

Recent Work

  • Musical Memories 5 Faux Chine Colle Monoprint by Heatherian
  • Autumn's on it's way by Faye Doherty
  • Motherhood by SnakeArtist
  • Kanyaka Sheep Station Ruins Flinders Ranges SA Etching by Heatherian
  • Golden Ochre Woodcut Print by Belinda "BillyLee" NYE (Printmaker)
  • Crimson Rose Flower Woodcut by Belinda "BillyLee" NYE (Printmaker)
  • Transformation Series: Sun Water and Evolution  by Heatherian
  • Under the Sea 2 Metal Etched Print by Heatherian
  • Snake Island 1 by SnakeArtist
  • The Dancers 2 - Printmaking Dancers Series by Heatherian
  • The Dancers 1 - Printmaking Dancers Series by Heatherian
  • Australian Endangered Spotted-tail Quoll Lino Print by Heatherian

About This Group

This group is for Printmakers who are Australian. WE have an abundant of Printmaking talent in this country. The printmaking artists are growing stronger every day in this country. So much is happening in this medium. I am excited to start this group and look forward to seeing some amazing prints.


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