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Group refresher

SueDeNym SueDeNym 165 posts

A slight but significant change to group rules – http://www.redbubble.com/groups/portraiture-tra... – please check if the changes will apply to you.
I would like to keep this group as the name implies ‘The FINE art of human portraiture’…out of sheer volume of works and trying to ‘stretch’ the rules to allow fabulous work through that does not ‘quite’ comply with group rules, plus the tricky line between ‘Good beginner’ and ‘Not so great beginner’ we seem to be becoming a dumping ground.
This is my fault completely and is not fair on the excellent artists that submit first class work to be showcased in the group.
Therefore – I have decided to become more ‘strict’.
I apologize in advance if this offends anyone…but there has to be a line somewhere and I have to (unfortunately) be the one to draw it.
Should your work not be accepted to the group in the future and you believe it has accidentally been rejected – by all means resubmit it: If it does not get through again. Try a different work.
I am going to paste this message in the group rules for future members who join our group.
Thank you for taking the time to read.,

BeClo BeClo 9133 posts

Great paintings on Display Sue!

wu-wei wu-wei 29 posts

Just wondering if the size is a factor in judging whether a piece is of a high enough standard? My miniature portraits don’t look in the same league as larger pieces of work but that’s naturally down to the peculiar challenges of working at such a small size. (Not that I’m aware of having any turned down, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were, given the comparisons.)

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SueDeNym SueDeNym 165 posts

Size is certainly not a factor in deciding the standard of a work. It is actually hard to tell what size a work is just by looking at the picture alone.
It is obvious things that hit you as you first look at a work:
Exceptionally poor composition
Poor use of proportions (not necessarily abstract works, but rather a lack of understanding of the human facial structure)
Poor use of medium
Works where the overall composition detracts completely from the face.

Whereas portraiture has more general definitions globally (Looking at masters of old who have done portraits viewed from the back!), for the purposes of this group – WE NEED A FACE, that is the central focus of the work.

As a by point – WU-WEI, your gorgeous miniatures CERTAINLY do not fall into any of these categories!! :)
An example: You would not believe the amount of photographic and digital work that comes through…also drawings that honestly (and I am treading on everyones creative ‘rights’ toes here) look like my 10 year old drew them…and he is not terribly good with drawing.
This is not a group for just anybody to represent their work…it is for others to look at and work towards their work being in the same class as those who exhibit in the here.

It SHOULD be an achievement.