Studio Lighting,Tasteful Please

Photography using studio lighting

Recent Work

  • Reflective Ferret by Mark Cooper
  • Mad Micks Manic Maintenance! by Mick Smith
  • The Temptress: Eve by Denise Abé
  • Penny for that Thought by SunseekerPix
  • A Reflection of Me by John Carpenter
  • Emolee by Ant Vaughan
  • Tribute by Krisztian Sipos
  • A little hair play by Peter Stone
  • No Ordinary Love by Denise Abé
  • Jazz Singer by Peter O'Hara
  • Crysta by Maisie Sinclair
  • Fight Night by Brian Edworthy

About This Group

The idea of this group is to demonstrate your skill with artificial lighting ON TOP of your photographic skills in composition etc.
NO genitals, 2 images per day.

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