Point and Shooters

A group focusing on the amazing images that can be taken with just a simple Point and Shoot digital camera. NO DSLR IMAGES.

  • Sunset Drop by julieapearce
  • Reflections by Forfarlass
  • Icicle Blues by shutterbug2010
  • Carinthia, Kärnten, by Daidalos
  • Sunrise by FrankieCat
  • Red on white by Yool
  • Merry Christmas to you and your family my RB friends; be peaceful, joyful and happy:) Got 4 Featured Work by Kornrawiee
  • Destination Unknown ... by Berns
  • Down by the Seaside by rob castro
  • Whisper by Fay270
  • Sugar and Spice by Tara Lemana