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A place for language and the poetry it inspires.

There is a story in Norse mythology regarding the origin of language. Odin, the god of gods, impaled himself on the Yggdrasil – the World Tree – with his own spear. He hung, upside down, looking over the world for a period of nine days. During this time he took neither food nor water, but rather was forced to consume himself, to reinvent himself and gain a new perspective on the world below and above him.

On the ninth day, the spear snapped and he plummeted to earth. During the fall, he was given a vision of eighteen runes – a gift of forbidden knowledge from the tree in return for his self sacrifice. He carried the runes to men, and the written word was born.

Similar stories in almost every religion parallel Odin’s – it has all stemmed from somewhere – it has grown. It is up to us to determine whether it blossoms or devours. This group has been established to recognize the written word regardless of dialect, origin, religion, or intent, and to celebrate the poetry it inspires.

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