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All Things Poetic, Artistic, Philosophical

This is a group that shares art, photography, poetry, prose reflecting and expressing questions and meanings about life's intersections and pathways often spurred by profound personal experiences.


  • Red by Barbora  Urbankova
  • J_4223 by Michael McCasland
  • CLOUDSCAPE 6 by Doria Fochi
  • Cloudscape 5 by Doria Fochi
  • Selective memory.  by Alex Preiss
  • J_2778 by Michael McCasland
  • Cloudscape 5 by Doria Fochi
  • Face Lift by helene ruiz
  • CLOUDSCAPE 4 by Doria Fochi
  • Musical Melancholy.. by Karen  Helgesen
  • Charles Dickens. by nawroski .
  • Card Sharps. by nawroski .
  • Light Shade Triptych by Jason M Rogers
  • Pinus longaeva 2. by Alex Preiss
  • Summer Meadow by Caroline  Lembke
  • Super Summer Starry afternoon Digital art by Galih Sanjaya Kusuma wiwaha
  • Witch on the Run by RC deWinter
  • Two White Birds by myrbpix