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This is a group that shares art, photography, poetry, prose reflecting and expressing questions and meanings about life's intersections and pathways often spurred by profound personal experiences.

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over 5 years ago by virginian
Comment Submitting work
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Hi everybody just thought we could share all the thoughts and chat about this subject here – saves me replying individually to everybody and everybody gets to air and share views….

hope you’re all enjoying your weekend – i hear it is HOT HOT HOT in a

over 5 years ago by greeneyedlady
Comment First Group Challenge!
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If you have anything to share or discuss as a group about the challenge, please post here!

Happy creating everybody – looking forward to viewing the entries

Suzanne :)

over 8 years ago by Coloursofnature
Comment Writing Challenge entries..*A Slice of Life*
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Please enter your written submission for challenge – A Slice of Life here….will be easier to locate and read through….


over 6 years ago by IgorMarinovsky
Comment Group News
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about 1 year ago by wormink
Comment Sunday 5th October 2009
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Sunday 5th October 2009

Hello to all

It’s with a heavy heart I’m writing this group email, and the reason is that I want to spread the word so that all who read this will feel, think, realise and, hopefully react against and do all they can to i

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