"Poetry and Beautiful Women (any writing and photos of women only - no paintings no drawings no images of random things with a poem in description)"

the sexiest writing group on the bubble


  • Private thoughts by Olivia Moore
  • HERA by KEIT
  • The Dreaming  by Takingtheimage
  • The Pinup  by Takingtheimage
  • I will not forget your judgment by strawberries
  • Blue Light by Jeff Kingston
  • My Vintage Dream by Chanel70
  • Soft Focus Nude in Window Light by Andrew Jones
  • I tried to forgive you by strawberries
  • Solar Flare by Cliff Vestergaard
  • Sensuous White  by Takingtheimage
  • I tried to be beautiful by strawberries
  • My Hands Nude Girl - NudeART by MS-Photographie
  • The Mystical of Beauty  by Takingtheimage
  • Bobby McFerrin by HenriFdz
  • I will try to keep my sanity by strawberries
  • Nude Women Sexy - Sensual - Tattoo by MS-Photographie
  • I will not forget my freedom by strawberries