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"Poetry and Beautiful Women (any writing and photos of women only - no paintings no drawings no images of random things with a poem in description)"

the sexiest writing group on the bubble

  • The Glimmering Age by Jennifer Rhoades
  • Blonde Mermaid by Swede
  • Mai in the Forest by Swede
  • :Beauty amongst the Decay: by BULLYMEISTER
  • Jessica by the Open Fire by Swede
  • After Midnight, we're going to let it all . . . by Swede
  • Jessica Uncovered by Swede
  • Cassie 2 by Nigel Donald
  • String Pearls by Swede
  • an agonizing sorrow by strawberries
  • Just a Moment #1 by Swede
  • Portrait 4414 by fotowagner
  • My lace top by Gerard Rotse
  • B & W by Alexandra Ekdahl
  • Untitled by Igli Martini
  • The Challenge by davidcolyn
  • Momentary by MadKeane
  • Szaffi #4 by fotowagner