Playful Photogenic Animals! 2/day: No bugs

Group Rules:

+ Follow all RedBubble guidelines+
1. People shall not take attention or focus away from the animals in your pics!
2. Your subjects shall only be live animals, unless the people in the work only enhance the (attention to) the animal/s.
3. No Bugs, snails, slugs butterflies, moths, etc.:
…..only vertibrates. (With an internal backbone.)
4. Works are monitored for quality and fitness for the Group.
5. Animals in your work need to be easily seen, or else hiding by nature or for play.
6. Animals should not be in such deep shade that they can’t be easily seen,
…..unless they’re hiding for some reason.
7. Works may be photographic or or painted. And painted in or outside the computer.
8. No toys, stuffed toys. You should know better!
9. No Vector Art. No cartoons with speech bubbles.
10. Two works per 24 hours per Artist, else all works sent in that day shall be
……rejected with no reason. (It’s a clue you sent in too many!)
11. No fractalius or related enhancements
12. No mirrored images

- All works do need to be entered into the group before you put them in the challenges.

~This is not a group for snapshots or for impressionistic or non-representational art!
If it’s not the amongst the best photos or paintings you’ve done, with the best color and definition, it won’t make it past the Hosts. If the hosts feel that inferior photos or non-reprentational art are being dumped upon us, you will be warned. Next, you’ll be removed from the group. With or without notice!
~Re-submission of previously rejected works will get you removed also. However, if you feel that the Hosts are rejecting your work and it’s perfectly good and within the rules as you understand them, please BMail
Dayonda “Dandy”

That said, no whining, petty stuff nor brattiness is tolerated!