A group for any totally plain mono backgrounds. i.e. black, white or grey only.

Friday Features are here!! (Wild Animals, in Black, White and Brown only!)

Sally Green Sally Green 621 posts

Hi everyone,

hope your week has been kind to you all! This week i was amazed at the submissions of wild animals being submitted to the group! We now have enough for a feature! Such perfection of images in this group…. i feel really blessed and humbled by your works! Yes, i know some photographers have been featured twice, but i wanted to do the features on a wonderful theme!! i usually always try to pick just one picture from each person, but sometimes the best laid plans…..

Oh WOW, after doing this weeks features, i know see there is about 3 themes going on! Black backgrounds, Black, white and Brown colours only, and Wild animals!! (ive changed the title to reflect this! lol.) I am SO pleased this week….. It looks more stunning that usual on our front page! (if that is possible!)

SO good actually, that i will start a challenge! so, we will be having a Wild Animal Challenge. keep your eyes peeled for it!

Well, without further ado, HUGE congratulations to the following photographers!

Kind regards to you all,

Sally X

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright by Alan Mattison IPA

Burrowing Owl by Mark Hughes

Backed Up by Jamie Lee

Female Nyala by Michael Moss

Primate Portrait – Part three by artisandelimage

Lion Drinking at Night by Michael Moss

Tasty by Ray Clarke

The Pelican by Saija Lehtonen

Lions (Barcelona) by Debbie Lister

Invasive Lionfish by Sabrina Ryan

Stretch by Jamie Lee

Sleepy Boy by mark Hughes

Lyndy Lyndy 552 posts

Totally awesome features! Congrats to everyone L:))XXX

Livvy Young Livvy Young 2661 posts

Congrats to all.

mark6229 mark6229 890 posts

Delighted to be featured with some many wonderful artists, fantastic group to be part of with so many great artists.

Ray Clarke Ray Clarke 1038 posts

Thanks for choosing to feature my work amongst the others, great shots everyone

Sally Green Sally Green 621 posts

@ everyone. you are all more than welcome!!

PHEW! i am exhausted now, as just finished the marathon task of ‘cleaning up’ the group!! so…. if your image is no longer in the group then dont freak out! every now and then the last pages of images need to be removed, or we will be over-run! people only go back so many pages anyway, even i have trouble going back over 80 pages to find an image i was looking for to feature!! speechless now…..

Sally X