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This week's features!! (Birds)

Sally Green Sally Green 587 posts

Hi everyone,

WOW! what a quick week (or so it seems to me) Well, as usual we have had some stunning images submitted to our lovely group! This week i thought it would be nice to feature some amazing works of our feathered friends! I am suitable staggered by the quality of these shots, it is not an easy task to photograph birds….

Some please go and congratulation the following photographers….. also leave a comment here, as everyone likes to be praised!

Huge congratulations everyone, your work is outstanding!!


Down Under by snapdecisions

Bald Eagle by val Saxby

Pink Suits Me by EarlWin

Avian Profile-Part 5 by artisandelimage

This is the Life by Debbie Lister

Flamingo Dance by Jamie Lee

The Beauty of a Saw Whet by tigerwings

Jack Sparrow – Our New Pet by Mariaan Maritz Photo Art Studio

Look into ny Eyes by Ann Van Breemen

A Beauty by Michael Moss

Hanging On by lorilee

Ruby on Black/ Ruby Throated Hummingbird by Gary Fairhead

Ann  Van Breemen Ann Van Breemen 198 posts

What a beautiful collection of images. I feel very honoured by being included. Thank you very much and a huge congrats to all the other artists. Your work is superb.:)

Jamie Lee Jamie Lee 26 posts

Fabulous selection of images, all beautiful birds as well. I’m happy to be included in the selection. =)

Psychosis Psychosis 538 posts

Wow! As always, an absolutely marvellous selection of work!! Congratulations to all of the artists that have been featured this week!!

Thank you for your stunning efforts in gathering the features together as well Sally! Again, you’ve set a brilliant standard!

I hope that you’re all had a great last week and an equally good this week!


Keep creating the Magic.