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A group for any totally plain mono backgrounds. i.e. black, white or grey only.

This week's features are up! (Motion)

Sally Green Sally Green 587 posts

Hi everyone,
what a quick week! LOL… seems like only the other day i did lasts weeks features!

ok, well (as you all probably realise i do, by now) ive given a lot of thought to what subject could be an interesting concept for this weeks features. I finally settled on the subject of MOTION….

It is surprising how many ‘moving’ images we have in the group, so i thought i would showcase them! Each one is so unique and makes you stop and think. Superb photography!!

Please click on the individual links and go and tell the artists how wonderful they are! (as well as leaving a comment here too!)
Huge congratulations to all!

Sally X

Worlds Aflame by Tom Vaughan

Ghost Ship by Wendi Donaldson

Orbit by mojo1160

Im on Fire by Paws4life

Something yellow and fast…. by DaveHrusecky

Escaped by Melissa James

Movement 2 by Clive Wilson

Flaming Pink by Livvy Young

Wild Sparks by bareri

Incense Shape Shifter by Rhys Herbert

Family by riotphoto

Quasar by Gina Baratono IPA

mojo1160 mojo1160 96 posts

Wow! this is a truly marvelous body of work here, thank you so much for including Orbit in the bunch. That’s quite an honor!

Melissa James Melissa James 25 posts

I’m so honored to receive a feature for my image Escaped. Congratulations to all the other features. The work is truly amazing.

ginabgood1 ginabgood1 987 posts

I am thrilled to be included in this group of features – it’s an honor for me! Awesome job everyone!

Valerie Rosen Valerie Rosen 1993 posts

Wow! What an honor! Thanks so much, Sally! Gorgeous work, everyone! Glad to be among you! :-)) val

Psychosis Psychosis 538 posts

Wowee! I am truly in awe of the outstanding work that’s being consistently uploaded into the group and these just are just mind blowing!

I’m a lover of ‘light trains’ and other creative use of light and movement and these are truly awesome examples of such work!

Massive congratulations to all of the artists featured this week and Sally, you don’t half know how to pick them! Absolutely fantastic selection again! :D

I hope that you’ve all had a brilliant week!

Keep creating the Magic.

Sally Green Sally Green 587 posts

@everyone. you are all more than welcome! such superb photography we have in this group!

@Ross… you sure know how to make a girl blush!! LOL. Thank you hun :-)))

Sally X