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Pink Panther Magazine--Issue 14 Official Release 01 November 2011

Jenifer DeBellis Jenifer DeBellis 1286 posts

PPM’s Issue 14 is now available for purchase. Follow the links below to check out and/or purchase this issue filled with an extraordinary collection of art and writing that inspires. On behalf of Team Panther it was my pleasure to prepare and present this issue. I hope the pages come alive for you as they have for me. ~Jenifer DeBellis

Woman’s journey is one of personal growth, exploration, and pushing through the mists of the unknown. Somewhere beyond the veil’s limits is a world full of challenges and choices that woman must face. The experiences that await her are filled with joy, trials, and even hardships—all with their own variations of life lessons. And as she lives, loves and learns, she will overcome vanities, as well as endless disappointments and triumphs in order to build strength. Throughout life, most women will arrive at a place where they have to put their own needs into storage—even at peril of losing touch with them indefinitely. Recovering and rediscovering these lost or displaced parts add a whole other dimension to each woman’s life journey.

Pink Panther Magazine—Issue 14

Available for sale through MagCloud.

Preview only version can be found at Calameo.

DeeLishess DeeLishess 16 posts

WOOT WOOT! Looks great! And thanks for the honor of being in such an inspiring magazine!

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 7923 posts

What a lovely cover..I am poring through it online, but as before I will purchase a real copy…

msdebbie msdebbie 365 posts

It is a fantastic issue. Thanks for including me
Big smiles and hugs to Team Panther :D

BaVincio BaVincio 253 posts

What a great honor to be published once again is this awesome magazine! It means a lot to me, and i am honored to be included with so many talented artists! Thank you so much, and congratulations to everyone! xxxxx

strawberries strawberries 389 posts

another fantastic issue!

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7387 posts

Oh Jenifer, you have excelled yourself. This edition is a triumph. I love the selected art and poetry and I am now going to sit, read and wallow in it. I will be back for more detailed comments as soon as I have done so.


Rookwood Studio © Rookwood Studio © 244 posts

Thank you for including me.

Georgi Ruley: Agent7 Georgi Ruley: ... 18 posts

So thrilled to be included!!!..Thank you so much.

su2anne su2anne 1494 posts

Congrats to the artists, writers and poets for their incedibly insightful and talented work!
I feel most honoured to be have been included in this wonderful publication. And to have been featured has taken my breath away.
Many thanks to our wonderful hardworking team for making all this possible.

lynsouthworth lynsouthworth 1 post

Beautiful issue, and I am so happy to be part of it. Thank you!

autumnwind autumnwind 7025 posts

Congratulations Jenifer on what I know will be a fabulous issue! Going to order it right away and be back here with rave reviews I have no doubt. Thank you for the HUGE honor of publishing my poems, I am absolutely thrilled and beyond grateful!! : ))) Congrats to all artists and to everyone one the PPM team! Hugs to all! XOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOO

Luisa Zajko Luisa Zajko 14 posts

One of the most amazing issues. Truly stunning job, ladies!

Jenifer DeBellis Jenifer DeBellis 1286 posts

Allow me to release some of the overflow of joy and honour that has been pouring into me in various messages all day. Thank you! I’m filled with awe by it all. And yes, congratulations to each artist and writer featured in this issue. Thank you for sharing your craft with PPM. My love and gratitude to you all, xox

Carol Stocki Carol Stocki 8 posts

It is an honor to be featured, what a wonderful issue! :)

RebeccaWeston RebeccaWeston 416 posts

A very wonderful edition and I am thrilled to be included !! Thank you XX

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7387 posts

I spent last night reading the magazine – and how beautiful it is. It takes a lot of work to pull it together, and I would like to thank Jenifer, virgosun, Helen and Sybille for all that they have done to make this mag a resounding success.

I was thrilled (and embarrassed!!) to see the wonderful article you have written about my work. It brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for this lovely surprise Jenifer.

The article ’ Fading into Invisibility’ also moved me. The art and poetry both supported each other and so beautifully illustrated the point of how we sometimes feel.

Helen’s articles are always so well written, authoritative, informative and emotional. I read this month’s article with interest and an increasing sense of empowerment. She is so right. It tied in so beautifully with the Commonwealth agenda of women being the agents of change. Thanks Helen.

“Art that Inspires’ – did exactly that. It was truly inspirational.

Mariska’s feature was wonderful. Her art is a journey through aspects of love, parental love in particular. She transports me to another world where I am looking with wonderment. What a talent she has.

I love the poetry of Marie Harris, and you illustrated so well all the breadth and depth of her work. I was reading her work until the early hours this morning. Similarly with Su2anne, – her quest for freedom shines through. I think she is a new talent here and will go far.

The article on Contemporary Feminism was just so good to read. The definition of feminism is a thorny one, and here, the views of our fabulous members were so well portrayed and I loved the focus on the romanticised/nonromanticised issue. It was inspirational and I wish every woman could read it.

The poetry and art section was glorious. I was so pleased to see some of our new members represented here.

Sharon’s article – The Repression of Women in art, was interesting and informative. Thank you Sharon. It made me want to research this whole area and also made me feel mad at the way in which we have been portrayed historically. I do believe that in our own little way we are trying to address this issue here on in this group.

Congratulations too to all our members who have been so successful this last couple of months. It was so good to see their successes celebrated here.

And finally, I chuckled my way to bed, unable to sleep as I was laughing at the wonderful humour which concluded the magazine.

A triumph!!!!


kasia  ikasia kasia ikasia 145 posts


Tammera Tammera 1256 posts




Jenifer DeBellis Jenifer DeBellis 1286 posts

I like that! :)

Jenifer DeBellis Jenifer DeBellis 1286 posts

I received a private message pertaining to a reader’s reaction to PPM’s Issue 14. On Anna’s recommendation, and only after getting the okay from the originator of the message, I’m attaching the message so all of us can benefit from such a wonderful response. He did want me to mention that these were his initial reactions and that without naming each individual item, the complete publication was a hit.

Here is a repost of the original message:
Want to hear my thoughts? Wow! (current Pink Panther)
Initial impression was the cover is extraordinarily feminine in every aspect. Then Anna Shaw’s work is really exceptional, nothing to add there.Pages 8-9 are so compelling and flow together into the backbone of Sybille Sterk’s picture in turn leading into C L T ‘A side of her appears’. 10-11 continue fading into ‘invisibility’, Tammera’s words and the frightening images that follow, Glitterfest and Heather King, on to the ’ horror’ art surrounding the ‘Nautilus Chamber’. ’Beautiful Dreamer’ seems to sum it up. Then Helen Bascom puts us in our place again reminding us that “women are more than baby factories and eye candy for men.” 20 brings about a subtle change in emphasis, a somewhat more positive exploration of expression (a kind of cleansing, in a way, a rejuvenating, lightening up of the subject matter). 22-23 more visual art with small pointed verses. The interview with Mariska brings into view, digital art (in a way that struck home for me ), Respect, Peace, Equality and Freedom, Indeed, A Breath of new Life. Rhenastarr’s ‘melancholy memories’ to warnings about hate to page 31 have the courage to be, and a woman drummer, (Indeed why not?) Page 37, perfect introductory image to the subject. I particularly appreciate ‘The Theory of Women’, I think it is quite succinct, simple and holds a delicate femininity throughout. 40-41 are honest and just as the heading implies. 42-49 Very interesting choice of poetry (extremely difficult task for the editor there) Quite thought-provoking and obviously require further reading (as does the whole publication). Feminism in Art History, nicely expressed, nothing really new, seemed a little biased in it’s efforts toward finding opinions to support a theory (but I’m a man; what do you expect? LOL)I liked the fact of examining just three examples, thereby leaving room for further expansion of thought and investigation. Quite provoking. Moments worth celebrating, great idea, very encouraging to others, along with the lighter side, a much ignored aspect of women in the mainstream. (Wow! they have a sense of humour? It’s pointed and direct)

Well Jenifer, that’s all I have at the moment. I don’t doubt that I’ve missed or misinterpreted some of the meaning in the content and I can’t speak for women, but as a man I find it invigorating, evocative and, strangely, lovingly put together.
I won’t say ‘Well done’ for fear of sounding patronising.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Thanks,
David aka abigcat :-))

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7387 posts

That is such a great response – thank you David – and Jenifer for publishing it.

Laurie Search Laurie Search 262 posts

Just awesome!!! I am honored and thrilled to be a part of it!!! Thank you soooooo much!!!! :)))xoxo

wildwomenlove wildwomenlove 170 posts

this is another beautiful magazine girls ! and I am so thankful to be included in it…thank you, thank you, thank you…xxx

As an adjunct I was surprised to see that my essay was titled The Repression of Woman , cos I really hadn’t written it with that in mind. It was an essay attempting to compare traditional art history, with feminist art history on three images. I chose from the list the subject matter as the fallen woman as I don’t see women as fallen, and was curious as to the titles and the perspectives involved, since they differ so vastly from my own.

As I researched the material, trying to compare the two viewpoints, I saw that men see the world in a different view from women…that doesn’t surprise me…I have a father, a brother, a husband, a stepson, and many male friends…what did surprise me is that until women put forward their version of art history, this linear view was the one taken as gospel. Each to their own.

So I find it interesting that David aka abigcat found the article nothing new, and biased in it’s efforts toward finding opinions to support a theory… I found the topic interesting and revelatory whilst researching the essay, since I’d never even considered the perspective of women being fallen before…
it actually inspired me to write this poem Fallen Woman
and I agree, in order to pass an essay at art school the system requires that we provide evidence all pointing to the conclusion, that’s what an essay is. I do wonder though, if the essay had been titled The Fallen Woman whether David would have been as critical of bias? as men can be threatened with the title The Repression of Woman as it sounds accusatory. Anyway that’s just my two cents worth.

well done girls yet again…xxx

Jenifer DeBellis Jenifer DeBellis 1286 posts

The caption of Repression of Women ties into the Fading into Invisibility motif that is reoccurring in other elements in the magazine—that and woman’s quest of overcoming and/or pressing through it—and isn’t supposed to act as the actual title for what’s running in that section. Feminism in Art History was the title I thought the piece always had and is the title used for the piece. My apologies that it would be interpreted as the title, or that it would carry an unfavourable tone to it. That’s artist interpretation for you: here when I was inspired with the theme it sounded as if it held the power of conviction rather than the bite of condemnation.

As far as David’s response that it seemed a little biased based on finding opinions to support a theory, I interpreted that to simply mean that he was applying the rules of typical debate or an essay argument—that being that it is standard to include opposing arguments for the sake of balance. And because I don’t see the point in your essay to be to argue a point, but rather to present elements as simple facts and practices of the time, I didn’t apply (or put much weight upon) that particular thread of his comment. Now that I read your reply to his initial comments I can see how looking at in such a light could be offensive, and I think David would be mortified to learn he had offended anyone. And I feel extremely responsible for sharing his post and having it upset anyone when it was supposed to be encouraging. Not sure what else to say on that note.

I’m glad you enjoyed the other aspects of the issue. xox