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The Forsaken Muse - Please join in the celebrations for Rowena (Moonlover) (locked)

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7388 posts

Take a look here and join in the celebrations for Rowena ( Moonlover)

[You can CLICK the image to bring you to the online bookshop. The book is also available via Authorhouse.com, Amazon.com, & other bookstores].

I’m pleased to share with you a book that I wrote and is now available in major bookstores online. I wanted to create so many things: a book of poetry, a woman’s story and also a vehicle that can visually transport the reader to various situations of the woman’s life through images. I wanted to write something that poses questions, confronts our sorrows and yet alludes to answers and certain clues to living with hope, and if not happiness, an inner joy and enlightened existence. This book was the result.

The Forsaken Muse, a Woman’s Journey from Sorrow to Hope takes you inside a woman’s world as she struggles from despair, sadness, travail and self-examination to finding hope, growth and her own destiny. This is a book of poetry with passion, and a collection of beautiful photographs and drawings. All poems are beautifully illustrated by original photography which I meticulously hand-picked and produced in collaboration with some Bubblers. This book is for women, and therefore also relevant to men.

“Every woman has a story of survival. They sometimes stumble, but they rise up to redeem themselves for the sake of loved ones, or even for their own dignity. They could be crushed, shaken for awhile but never defeated. They have their scars and wounds, but they are survivors, they are victorious and prevail at the end.” ~ The Forsaken Muse

Please support Rowena with this amazing venture LINK