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Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7384 posts

An early publication for Issue 6. I will not be around very much for the next two weeks, we have visitors from France coming to stay.

Just click on the page to view the magazine… it is full of FABULOUS art, poetry and articles.

I hope that you will enjoy it.

Please add this to your journals, blogs and websites. The wider the audience, the better.

To do so, you will need to copy the image location from here on the forum.
Place this as normal between two exclamation marks. !!
Immediately follow with a colon :
Add this url with no space after the colon.

You can download the magazine directly from the site. You will need to sign up for a Calameo account. It is very easy to do, it is free, and they do not pass on your Email address, nor do they send spam.

Ineke-2010 Ineke-2010 21 posts

Fab magazine, as ever….:)))) And I’m deeply honoured to be part of it….:))))) Thanks so much….!
Wishing you a grand time with your friends Anna…..:))))

HannaAschenbach HannaAschenbach 52 posts

Hallo Anna Shaw, VenusOak and Helene Ruiz,
Ich schreibe Euch auf deutsch, sorry, aber so kann ich fließender reden und meiner freude Ausdruck geben.
Mir hat das Pink Panther Magazine schon immer sehr gefallen und möchte Euch dazu ganz herzlich für Eure super Arbeit gratulieren.
Nun ist eine Zeichnung von mir selbst darin und ich bin ehrlich stolz darauf.
Habt ganz herzlichen Dank für diese Ehre !!
Mein Bild “Torso” hat in meinen Augen auch einen besonderen Stellenwert. Dass Ihr es gewählt habt sagt mir, dass Ihr einen guten Blick habt.

Ich wünsche Euch alles Gute weiterhin bei dieser Arbeit und überhaupt und sowieso……
ganz herzliche Grüsse von Hanna

Anna Shaw writes….- I have had a go at Google translation….

I am writing on German, sorry but I can speak fluently and give expression to my joy.
I liked the pink panther Magazine has always been very much and want to help you most sincerely congratulate you for your great work.
Now is a drawing of myself in it and I am honestly proud of it.
Have many thanks for this honor!
My picture “Torso” has in my view a special place. The fact that you have chosen it tells me that you have a good look.

I wish you all the best in this work and continue at all and anyway … …
very warm greetings from Hanna

Valerie Anne Kelly Valerie Anne K... 631 posts

Am so honoured to be a part of this wonderful magazine thankyou sweetheARTzzz ;} happy hippy hugglez

helene ruiz helene ruiz 2772 posts

this is a wonderful edition! love this and am also honored to have had some work chosen for this issue! thank u!

RosaCobos RosaCobos 347 posts

Dear friends,
As always…I only can say that it is perfect….
I have loved DragonFly story, the most….yes..though I had read it before in a here in the mag seems to be read in a different way…really in the right context.
I have found so interesting the intense article of Helene Ruiz..that I knew…exceptional…
Venus…you are gifting us with wits and elegance..I consider your elegance of thinking and the sharpness of your mind…a pleasure to feel in the soul.
The poetry and the images are outstanding and the new members are even making the mag and the group be shining as a start..Congratulations to all of them.
And being some of my compositions there, It makes me feel proud.
Anna you work too much!!!!
It is amazing…considering that I virtually “hate” to do this sort of things…I consider that you are a “heroine”.
A warm hug for all.

dorina costras dorina costras 167 posts

Is truly an honor to be part of the artists chosen for this great edition!
Thank you very much Anna, Venus and Helene!!! :) Excellent job you do!

anaisanais anaisanais 494 posts

My dear FRIENDS..i’m so happy …soooooo happy…SOOOOO HAPPYYYYY!!!!! thanks with all my heart and my soul…the magazine is Wonderful as always..I would buy all their physical numbers…even at high price….KISS!! Kiss!! KISS!!

anaisanais anaisanais 494 posts

My dear FRIENDS..i’m so happy …soooooo happy…SOOOOO HAPPYYYYY!!!!! thanks with all my heart and my soul…the magazine is Wonderful as always..I would buy all their physical numbers…even at high price….KISS!! Kiss!! KISS!!

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7384 posts

You are all so special. Thank you. I will not be around very much for the next two weeks as we have friends from France visiting. I will miss you all so much.

I will not have time to do the mag for September – so Venus is going to give it a go. Weh Heh!!!!!!!

Cat2be Cat2be 4527 posts

I am lost for words, thank you is not enough and doesn’t do any justice. This is the biggest honor I have had. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for adding one of my works!!

mimulux mimulux 60 posts

thank you so much! i am deeply moved and touched to be a part of this wonderful magazine!

and tongue-tied……. as usual!

love and peace…… mimu

zoequixote zoequixote 244 posts

thank you so much for adding my work to your beautiful magazine!
you guys do such amazing work!

Berns Berns 3046 posts

Brilliant work everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

Yannik Hay Yannik Hay 2141 posts

Thank you very much Anna, Venus and Helene for the honour of showing one of my works, Dancing, in this wonderful magazine. I am very happy to be a part of this.
The art in this magazine is of high level and so are the articles. You do a fantastic work! The work you put in to do this magazine seems immense!

Thank you again greatly and have a great time with your friends!

Mariska Mariska 334 posts

Top high quality again, wonderful job girls!!! Thank you so much for the hard work Anna, Venus, Helene and thank you for adding one of my work xoxo
Warm congratulations for all the artist , excellent selection of artwork !!! B R A V O !!!!!

strawberries strawberries 390 posts

brilliant as always =)
you girls have done a great job
and thanks again for including me in there

zoequixote zoequixote 244 posts

robin’s story is so frustrating!! ms. king, you have the patience of a saint!

minou41 minou41 309 posts

Thank you so very much you wonderful ladies I am so honored to be included in this beautiful new edition of Pink panther magazine and the layout is gorgeous like always a wonderful job…….Renate.

autumnwind autumnwind 5814 posts

Congrats once again to you amazing hosts on what looks like another brilliant magazine issue! Look forward to reading the poetry, to absorbing every informative and interesting written morsel and viewing the outrageously amazing art! Anna, enjoy your company! Hugs to all, shar xoxoxo

Beautifuldreamer Beautifuldreamer 81 posts

Yay! I can’t believe I’ve been honored by inclusion in this wonderful magazine. Thanks so much. And the magazine is so beautifully done.

tulay cakir tulay cakir 435 posts

hi Anna,
I’ve been honored by inclusion in this fabulouse magazin…. very thanks!!

Arco Iris  R Arco Iris R 321 posts

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I have to admit this is the best I have ever read. Loved the stories, Dragon Flyer’s biography, poetry and art. Fabulous and though the topic may be a little disturbing, it is a reality we all have to face. I think a lot of us in one way or another have felt the abuse. I am grateful that I was able to contribute something to this wonderful magazine. Thank you very much.

Hanh1010 Hanh1010 7 posts

This is such wonderful magazine. I am honored to be feature in it. :)

madworld madworld 110 posts

Thanks so much for the feature guys and its wonderful to be featured with all the other wonderful artists this month. Very much appreciated :P