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Pink Panther Magazine Issue 2: 8 April 2010

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7388 posts

Issue 2 out today……

Click on the cover image to open and read.

A major breakthrough – all the links work, both in the magazine and in the PDF file.

If you want to download the PDF file so that you can keep it, you will need to set up an account with Calaméo.

This is very simple, all you have to do is give your Email address and a password. The company does not send spam, nor does it pass your address to others.

To download the PDF go to the Download Arrow which you will find at the top right hand of the screen.

Calameo will first ask you if you want to subscribe to a Pro account. You do not want to do this.
Skip this page and it is here that you will be asked for your Email address and password. Once you have done this you can download the file. There is no charge for this.

Hope you enjoy!!

Anna, Kira and Rosa

© Kira Bodensted © Kira Bodensted 4169 posts

YAY – -FANTASTIC – xxx – thank you Anna for all your hard work and to all the wonderful artists in the magazine !!

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7388 posts

And to you!!!!

shadowlee shadowlee 170 posts

The magazine really does look stunning…well laid out…… everything about it……great work Anna

Elisabeta Hermann Elisabeta Hermann 4936 posts

Wow!!! The magazin is exellent!!!! wow….I’m speachless…:)…looks fantastic…!!!
Thank you for all your hard work and for including me and my solo…I am very, very honored!!!



strawberries strawberries 390 posts

looks fab ladies! i just downloaded a copy =)
thanks for the publish of my works

Lorraine Creagh Lorraine Creagh 5229 posts

Such a wonderful magazine. I’m blown away by the work put into it. Congratulations ladies of a brilliant edition.

btw….I’m so honoured that you have my image included. Thanks so very much x

salena salena 75 posts

Wow! amazing and wonderfull – so professional layout – congrats to all of you for the hard work!!
Now it is reading time;-)!!

Berns Berns 3034 posts

Fantastic work on our behalf Ladies!!!!!!!! I have downloaded my copy and am truly blown away by the writing and art in particular! Congrats to everyone!

Mynybee Mynybee 138 posts

totally wild ! BRAVO ! And greatly appreciated efforts ! You rock ! Well done !

Dorka Dorka 28 posts

Absolutely stunning,great layout-very impressive!! many many thanks for Anna& Kira-really well don you !!
ps-thank you


Sybille Sterk Sybille Sterk 1485 posts

Magazine looks great. Just spent the last half hour looking through it and reading it. :-) Great job! Many thanks.

linsads linsads 715 posts

THANK YOU so much for including ‘Mother Earth’ in this fantastic magazine, it looks brilliant and i can’t wait to read it cover to cover. Congrats to all who have made this possible its an amazing acheivement and in such a short time. Repect!!! :o))

Martina Fagan Martina Fagan 120 posts

This is brilliant well put together:))
Cheers for adding my shoit TWO
Thanks Tina:)

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7388 posts

It is great to be able to showcase your work in this way. I am very pleased with the way that it loks.

You should all have received your banner now.

If I have accidentally missed anyone, please let me know.


Sarah Bentvelzen Sarah Bentvelzen 2339 posts

Thank you so much for featuring my work in your mag! =D The issue looks amazing!

Isa Rodriguez Isa Rodriguez 11035 posts

Yay!.. how Exciting!. totally elegant. captivating and inspiring. How wonderful to read and peruse through .

how proud I am of each of you whom are there. it is so beautiful to come to know people more closely this way.
thank you so much for including me…

gotta say .. it is a KICKING Butt magazine……. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anita Inverarity Anita Inverarity 4177 posts

Incredible Issue- This is beyond AWESOME. I love the cover !!!! Thank you for featuring my art and for all your hard work on this, what a proffessional, stunning, thought provoking and visually eye popping treat THE PINK PANTHERS ROCK xxxx

Lenoirrr Lenoirrr 28 posts

Thank you so, so much! I feel so honoured to be featured in the Pink Panther Magazine…. I have this awfull but at the same time happy, lump in my throat.

It’s a beautiful magazine and I have downloaded it to my pc to proudly show to friends ;))

Thank you for the hard work Anna, know it is awfully appreciated!

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7388 posts

I am so pleased that your are all happy with it.

If you want to send the mag to your friends, here is the link…


helene ruiz helene ruiz 2806 posts

looks great!!

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2539 posts

YIPPPPPPPEEEEEE & double Wowzaaaaaa! This thrills the dickens out of me!!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! What an honor to have my art along side such magnificent artists!

Anita Inverarity Anita Inverarity 4177 posts

I just Facebooked it :)))))

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7388 posts


At the moment – I restricted the readership to RB – simply by keeping it private rather than public on the Calameo site.

I think it would be great for it to go public – and so open it up to the world. There are copyright notices on the front and the back of the mag, so we should be protected. I would love to hear the views of our members on this. My inclination is to broadcast it far and wide.

Can you let me know what you think?

© Kira Bodensted © Kira Bodensted 4169 posts

YES – let’s go public :o))