Baby, It's Cold Outside

Group Rules:

The following reflects that Red Bubble is home to multiple groups. This group wants absolutely the best quality work you create on the themes of sexual and gender diversity.

If you have multiple images with a similar theme (eg naked males) please consider submitting only your best to this group as host(s) will add just the best representations (people will go to your folio if they like the samples). Having said that, a series will be taken into consideration – but you may need to indicate if this is the case.

The group host(s) maintain the right to be selective on what is included.

A short description attached to the image can help when determining if an image meets the criteria or not.

The host(s) will periodically reduce the amount of art work in the group if it has been there for some time or better quality work from the same artist is submitted.

Work may be rejected for many reasons. Sometimes its difficult to determine how images submitted fit the group’s description or purpose – particularly if there’s not a clear reference to gender and sexual diversity. If an image is rejected please don’t take it personally. Decisions are generally final, however this doesn’t mean they won’t be reconsidered. If you want to know why something wasn’t accepted please send a bmail (with a link to the piece). Sometimes the point might be missed or misinterpreted so feedback is welcome.