Work designed for children

Recent Work

  •  Mr & Mrs Carrot - throw pillow by Dennis Melling
  • Take My Hand by SamanthaMirosch
  • I love dinosaurs by SamanthaMirosch
  • Fuschia Owl by Kristy Spring-Brown
  • Knit One Purl One by Kristy Spring-Brown
  • Jimmy Giraffe's Guitar by redqueenself
  • Shadow T-Rex by Articles & Anecdotes
  • A Christmas Story - You'll Shoot Your Eye Out! by noondaydesign
  • RAINBOWCAT by Heaven7
  • Lioness by Cat Bruce
  • Vintage Colorful Merry Christmas Design by DFLC Prints
  • Space T-rex by Articles & Anecdotes

About This Group

We want to show Designs for children which lets their hearts beat faster

Images for cheerful greeting cards …. Imaginative motifs for the wall

Cool t-shirt designs …. Adorable iPhone Cases

Set your imagination free .. Let us see your masterpieces!

We accept all types of artwork

We accept tee shirts and stickers

We accept iPhone cases and iPads

We accept mugs, throw pillows, duvets, totes

We accept photomanipulation

We do NOT accept photos

Please read the rules before joining this group … Remember this is for children aged up to 13 years old .. NO adult material

Our Sister Groups .. you are welcome to join us there
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A surprise feature

The joint winners of the challenge .. Easter .. are .. aldona .. and .. Marie Theron

Happy Easter Greetings .. artist aldona

Vanilla and the easter eggs .. artist Marie Theron
The winner of the challenge .. Cute Creatures (Feb 2014) .. is .. BlancaJP with an adorable work .. Monster and Teddy

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