ImageWriting 2/24

We love putting words to a work of art, be it a photograph or a painting or any image that words can help define.

Featured - Monday 13/01/2014

Kanages Ramesh Kanages Ramesh 1033 posts

Hi everyone!

Welcome to features in “ImageWriting”! Please join me in congratulating the featured artists today on their expressive image and writing!

Thank you

PS: Please click over the images to read the text and view them large. :)

Trees in Time
by © Linda Callaghan

The Embracing Of Simplicity ….
by Sharon House

by shadowlea

The turbulance of my heart
by su2anne

Grandpa's Things
by WildestArt

"Stop" by Sergei Rukavishnikov
by Alenka Co

autumnwind autumnwind 5698 posts

Congrats to all!!!!

JonnisArt JonnisArt 839 posts

Wonderful selection, Ramesh. Congrats to all featured artists.

Linda Callaghan Linda Callaghan 708 posts

Congrats to all and thank you for the feature Kanages!!