Photo Manipulators

We see things differently

Recent Work

  • The Demon Drink by PictureNZ
  • Lycan by John Ryan
  • The Buick BushMaster Safari All New for 1950 by ChasSinklier
  • The Peacock of the Night  by PictureNZ
  • A Place for Daydreaming by Lina Forrester
  • Sunrise Sea by RC deWinter
  • Cottonpickin' Kid by Seth  Weaver
  • Contentment by billfox256
  • Zebra by Michael Rubin
  • Blue Heron, Blue Moon by AuntDot
  • Sugar Girl Graffiti by Deadmansdust
  • Flower in the globe by Robert Gipson

About This Group

  1. The Photomanipulation group is a community of people with a shared interest in Photomanipulation, & enrichment of our art.
  2. We encourage active participation in our Forums, all aimed at encouraging learning for all skill levels through the sharing of techniques, resources, & ongoing support.
  3. Our gallery will be a showcase of the outstanding Photomanipulations that our members have contributed.

image by Steve Leadbeater

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