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New to Redbubble?

Paul Tupman Paul Tupman 445 posts


Please leave a message!
We (members and hosts alike) would love to say hello and get to know you!

. . . and . . .

if you tick the watch topic box, you will also get to know who else is starting out at the same time as you!
Someone else in the same boat as yourself is always good to know

there is some very handy information to see, below, too

Your Hosts,

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Well, if you are new to Redbubble and somehow found yourself here, then firstly we would say welcome!

Secondly I would guess that you have already realised that Redbubble is full of many fantastic Groups including this one. No doubt you would have seen some of the amazing Art out there, checked out the awesome T-shirts or perhaps you have just read some brilliant Writing

I’m also guessing that you would have heard about the fantastic Community here at Redbubble… and for all of your learning needs whilst you get to know the site then this would be the place to turn. There will always be someone out there to offer some help and there will no doubt be a helpful forum somewhere that will be just what you are looking for.

For any general help or advice here on Redbubble, a couple of good places to start would be

Otherwise, get yourself out there, take a look around & if you still don’t get it then ask someone… it’s the best way to learn!

sodak92 sodak92 2 posts

hi. newbie here from south dakota. just made a profile a couple days ago. i added some pics i took at an air show and some other pics from sioux falls and other areas.

Vicki Ferrari Vicki Ferrari 754 posts

Hi sodak92!!
I hope you are enjoying your meanderings around the halls of Redbubble and having fun! I will go across now and have a look-see at your photos!
Cheers and welcome!
Vicki (and Crew!) :)))

Karlientjie Karlientjie 579 posts

Thank you very much for the welcome….going to have so much fun…still doing the blind-man’s dance in RB, but ‘watch this space’ great things are going to happen…LOL

Vicki Ferrari Vicki Ferrari 754 posts

I like the way you describe your first venturings into RB Karin!! Look forward to seeing you around!! :))) I am sure you will have a lot of fun here! :))

mrsbuttons mrsbuttons 6 posts

Hi I am new to RB, and think its pretty cool. I took a few days to think about it before i joined and now have a profile, uploaded some of my photos, wrote in my journal (it has alot of spelling errors lol). I also looked at photos and art on RB before i joined, because I wasn’t sure what ‘they’ r looking for. I am glad I did, because I felt like I fit in, No “criteria” only your own good taste.

rkdownton rkdownton 4 posts

I’m new too, uploaded some photos…. be interesting to see what else is on here. :)

Flytoes Flytoes 1 post

New to Red Bubble. and, of course, to this group. I have uploaded some photos and hope to receive some critique so I can get some fresh perspective. So far, this site is a fantastic place to see some absolutely stunning work. I have gotten lost in here for hours over the past few days simply looking around and admiring the varying talents.

Hayley Axelrad Hayley Axelrad 2 posts

Hi guys, I’m new to RedBubble as well. The pictures on this site are fantastic. If anyone is interested they can feel free to check out some of my recently added photos or poetry. Thank you

Peggy  Woods Ryan Peggy Woods Ryan 16 posts

Joined RB today and am blown away by the talent here! Inspiring to say the least. Look forward to learning my way around the site and becoming more involved. Cheers!

KaaPhotography KaaPhotography 18 posts

I joined today and uploaded my first images. Looking forward to learning from all the talented people here, and offering any tips I can in return.

Amrit Ammu Amrit Ammu 1 post

Hi all .. I joined in just a couple of days back … I am new to red bubble, to this group and as well as to photography ;-) !!! hehehe
But I am really loving this hobby which is slowly turning into a passion !!!
I’ve uploaded quite a few of my work … Do take a look and suggest for improvements ! [Do comment; if u like those images ; though ;) !! ]
Looking forward to learn a lot here !! :)

CTPhotography CTPhotography 1 post

Hey everyone, newbie here from Connecticut, Im still try to figure out the site, I uploaded a few of my images and will continue to add

EveW EveW 60 posts

Slowly figuring my way around and loving Red Bubble. So inspiring seeing the depth and creative talent out there….

Lynnette Falls Lynnette Falls 2 posts

New to Red Bubble as of today. Love to see how many people are out there taking pics of this beautiful world.

rick  chapman rick chapman 1 post

hi everyone how goes it?? this is quite a amazing sight

kplata kplata 2 posts

Hello to All…
Like most everyone else, I’m new to this. I just signed up a couple of days ago. I’m slowly trying to figure out my way around this site, and also how to get other people to view my pictures. Anyone have any tips on more ways to get my work out there to the world? I hope you take a second to look through some of my pictures and leave me your comments too. I would love to know what you think about them!

Thanks RB family!

Vicki Ferrari Vicki Ferrari 754 posts

Big Hellos, Cheers, G’days and Smiles from Australia and it is so great to see everyone participating! And meeting each other! And enjoying each others work!! I look forward to having a wander and a peruse of all the new work!! :))
Vicki :))) Big Smiles!! :))

mahagraphics mahagraphics 11 posts

Hi Everyone! My name is Maha and i’m new to this group and RedBubble!

I’m a graphic designer by profession but I would like to consider myself as an artist, because i create digital art as well as have a love for photography! I would love it if you took some time and passed by my page and took a look at my work. Any comments are welcome!!!!

Thank you!

<3 Maha

kyle coffee kyle coffee 11 posts

hi another newbie here, looking to forward my photography to the next level, will be good to hear any tips people have for me and information!

Vicki Ferrari Vicki Ferrari 754 posts

Would you like me to delete that post for you? :) Just let me know! :))
Thanks Kym!! All done!! lol

Welcome Maha! Are you having fun yet?! :)

Hi Kyle!! Have a wander around these huge halls of redbubble (we all seem to get lost here!) and if you need any help, start HERE or HERE or you can ask one of us hosts too, if you are still stuck! :)
Looking forward to seeing you all about, running around, but not with hot coffee or sharp scissors!! Just a camera and a computer will be fine! :)))
Big smiles and cheers,

Vicki Ferrari Vicki Ferrari 754 posts

Thanks Kym!! All done!! lol

Would you like me to delete that post for you? :) Just let me know! :))

Rob Forconi Rob Forconi 3 posts

Hey there!
My name is Roberto and i am a Creative Artist and so… i love the arts!


Vicki Ferrari Vicki Ferrari 754 posts

Hello Roberto!! Welcome to Photography Fun!! You are in the right place if you are a creative artist, on Redbubble and all!! :)
Big smiles,
Vicki :)

kyle coffee kyle coffee 11 posts

thanks vicki, and ill keep the coffee in mind haha