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Photography Fun

Photographers of Redbubble - No Manipulation please

Anything YELLOW (see below) as long as it looks like you did when you took it type natural!

This challenge closed about 7 years ago.

The Challenge

This is a bit of a test for me, to issue my first challenge! It is to help our new members learn about challenges…. and to help this host learn how to set one!! LOL! :)) Bear with me while I challenge myself on how to set a challenge!

Anything YELLOW as long as it is a natural photograph!
N O M A N I P U L A T E D images! ie it didn’t have the alien in it when i took the photo type manipulation!) with a bright bit of yellow that really catches your eye.

A N Y Q U E S T I O N S? Please click H E R E

Judging / Voting Criteria

Your images MUST be submitted to the Photography Fun Group in this challenge! Be aware that we moderate daily (unless something untoward happens and we don’t! But we won’t be far away!) If not, your entry will be removed without warning or advice! It would be lovely if we can have many entries and many people voting! When I first joined RB and learned to vote in challenges, I thought you were only allowed one vote! Wrong! You can vote for as many images as you like but only once per image! If there are 100 images entered, then you can vote for 100 images, unless your is an entry in which case you will be only able to vote for 99!! I hope I wrote that clearly!

Rewards & Prizes

I haven’t worked that out yet but will be advising!! As this is a test challenge (for me more than anyone!) on how to raise a challenge so we can do this more often! I will be thinking about it! I thought of these possibilities – that the winner can set the theme of the next challenge? Or can help us to pick the features? Will be a featured artist? Any ideas? Feel free to talk amongst yourselves! I will catch up with you there, in a discussion that someone creates!

Additional Information

My guess is that at this stage the reward will be KUDOS and a chance to say hey, I (either) won or came in the top ten of the Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow Challenge!! I have been able to say that once only! And, embarrassingly, there were only 7 entrants!! Guess I didn’t have to tell you that but I have now!! :))) God, I hate being honest!!! LOL!!
Image is Sunflower by Silvia Ganora

Cover Image: Sunflower by Silvia Ganora


The Top Ten

Lemon Fizz by AJM Photography

Lemon Fizz by AJM Photography was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 27 votes.

  • welcome to this world by Alan Mattison
  • Secrets of a Spider Mum by Gayle Dolinger
  • Lamp Shade by ozczecho
  • Piston by Josephine Pugh
  • I see you duck by puppaluppa
  • Hoverfly by rocamiadesign
  • The Answer by Jenni Tanner
  • Yellow and blue Spring by Yool
  • Hidden Beauty by Eugenio

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