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Photography - Rule of Thirds

Your best photos that follow the artistic Rule of Thirds, of any subject matter.

  • Bristlecone Pine by tscp
  • "Tastes Flat" by waddleudo
  • A Corn? by Chris Cardwell
  • Room and Bed by ragman
  • The "Mth" Degree by Chris Cardwell
  • Sun, Swim, Stick by SamTheCowdog
  • The nature of concrete by Jocelyn  Parry-Jones
  • Flaming Flamingo by Diego Re
  • Sunset Portrait by Lawrence Crisostomo
  • End of the road by AniaR
  • Rage by psnoonan
  • Still Life. by Vitta
  • Pink Pearl. by Vitta
  • Havasu Falls by psnoonan
  • a small light by Colinizing  Photography with Colin Boyd Shafer
  • 0 The Third Man HP by ragman
  • The not so old by Keith Irving
  • Shadow Talks by ragman