Photography in Finland

Photography in Finland

Recent Work

  • Training Day by Alan Hogan
  •  Possu Maatilalla Suomessa by M-EK
  • Amalgamation by Matti Ollikainen
  • Lyrica by Matti Ollikainen
  • Hollow by Matti Ollikainen
  • Ticklers by Matti Ollikainen
  • Emenegger by Matti Ollikainen
  • Gingerbread Cathedral Under Painted Sky by M-EK
  • Weera by MikkoEevert
  • Isaiah Nine Two by M-EK
  • Morning at the pier by Veikko
  • Canoe lit by sunrise by Veikko

About This Group

As the group name suggests, “Finland” is a group for images related to the country. Hopefully the images presented here capture the best of Finland for everyone to see.

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