CHALLENGE No. 10 - Scanner Photography

BYRON BYRON 12223 posts

Using movement while scanning, there’s a clever idea too.

I gotta go get me a scanner!

Vickie Burt Vickie Burt 151 posts

Here is my first attempt at scanning. Felt it needed something more, so added the flood filter.
Was lots of fun, but did require quite a bit of dust removal.

BYRON BYRON 12223 posts

Very nice work Vickie. Great colours, and an excellent black background.

I think it would be strong enough without the flood filter.

Compositionally, the falling diagonal line you are making with the 3 flowers would be stronger if it went from corner to corner [ie the line formed by the 3 flowers pointed to the top left and bottome right corners] instead of starting on the top side and going to the right side.

Yes, there is often some work in post production to remove dust etc…you gotta keep that glass clean.

Vickie Burt Vickie Burt 151 posts

Thank you for the suggestions Byron. I’ll have another try….

emilyroseartist emilyroseartist 8 posts

This is a really cool idea, I think I will try it out later on (when I have time)

missmoneypenny missmoneypenny 1278 posts

The original image was scanned on an HP C4180 scanner. It was converted to sepia – grain, dust and scratch layers were added then some original colour was replaced and the over all hue and saturation of the image was adjusted to give the final aged effect

Original scanned image

Layered copy

FacetEyePhoto FacetEyePhoto 416 posts

Both are absolutely beautiful!

Rene Hales Rene Hales 820 posts

@missmoneypenny, great images.—Rene

nadine henley nadine henley 2264 posts

love them both, chris!

Marsha Tudor Marsha Tudor 5 posts

Haven’t been hanging around RedBubble much lately, but certainly can’t pass by this challenge!

or my RB site:

Fun to see everyone’s images!

BYRON BYRON 12223 posts

Awesome Marsha!

You should post some more in here. Great inspiration for our members who may be new to scanography!

nadine henley nadine henley 2264 posts

love your site, marsha, especially the translucent ones – do you have any tips for us? I still haven’t managed anything really delicate which I would love to achieve