Photographic France

The group for all your photos from France.


  • Dawn on the jetty by Patrick Morand
  • Magnificent flower bed by daffodil
  • Midi reflections by triciamary
  • Omaha Beach (the cemetery main entrance) by Arnaud Lebret
  • _ along the path _ by Louise LeGresley
  • For the love of art by triciamary
  • Out of Season by Arnaud Lebret
  • A graceful iris by daffodil
  • Street Painter by AmyRalston
  • Tombstone in Omaha Beach War Cemetery (Normandy, France) by Arnaud Lebret
  • Man with a hat by Arnaud Lebret
  • Basilica of Lourdes by Sue Wickham
  • Paris Model by AmyRalston
  •  Patissier Temptation by AmyRalston
  • Toasting the barrels. by Victor Pugatschew
  • Seine artist by triciamary
  • The one that got away..... by triciamary
  • Jumièges Abbey by Arnaud Lebret