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Challenge participation

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Congratulations to John Thurgood for his charming image of a French market stall and thanks to all you who participated in the challenge. Unfortunately, as clearly stated in the challenge rules, the challenge is disqualified owing to insufficient participation. Speaking only for myself (and certainly not for my co-hosts), I think this is a shame for the participants and reflects poorly on the group as a whole.

Part of the blame is mine (or rather France Télécom’s). I haven’t had a telephone or Internet connection for a month and was unable to remind members to vote. None can be attached to those took part in the challenge. As participants cannot vote for their own works, there is less incentive to vote for others’.

I must point out that I find the lacklustre participation by the group very disappointing. Are the themes uninteresting? If so, suggest yours via bubblemail to me. Did the challenge get “lost” in the overall scheme of things and would reminders help? I’m not sure group messages receive the attention they may (or may not) deserve.

Photographic France is your group. It lives only through your participation. Challenge participants (those who take part and vote) receive greater attention from a wider audience. Hosts announce challenges in the hosts’ forum – when they have an Internet connection… We also do our best to share your works with the widest possible audience.

But we can’t do this without your involvement and support. Remember: we volunteer to host and need motivation too!

Feel free to share your thoughts in this thread. If you do have a theme suggestion for a challenge, please bubble mail (so as not to spoil the surprise).