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Photographers of RedBubble [*ONE/Day - a 24-hour period, NO HDR, NO Photomatix, NO TONE MAPPING, NO textures, NO Topaz, NO Orton, and NO layers]

Group Rules:

1. All Works must be Photographs (NOT snap shots) or Journals on Photography Tips and Tricks (this DOES NOT include “I have been featured in…”).

2. Description Should contain Camera Info, Lens, Settings (this is to help other members).

3. Description Should explain the photograph, ie location, history, time.

4. On Camera filters allowed but no post production filters: NO HDR, NO textures, NO frames, and NO layering – including NO text overlay (except Copyright and/or artist name), NO Orton Effect, No Selective Colouring and NO composites). But does allow cropping, exposure correction, colour correction (white balance, saturation) and tilt correction.

5. Only those works that do not require the safe filter turned on will be accepted. (Also no violent or sexually suggestive images will be accepted.)

6. Only Your Very BEST Works (those with the most views or comments).

7.ONLY 1 Work Per Member Per Day (those exceeding the limit will NOT BE ACCEPTED).

8. Family “snapshots” and PET snaps (dogs, cats, bunnies and the like) will not be accepted.

Basically it is to be like film photography

All other RedBubble rules and policies DO apply.

Any works that do not follow the rules will be removed without notice.

Please read Rules Interpretation for a plain text explanation of these rules.