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Photographers of RedBubble [*ONE/Day - a 24-hour period, NO HDR, NO Photomatix, NO TONE MAPPING, NO textures, NO Topaz, NO Orton, and NO layers]

A Home for RedBubble Photographers [*ONE/Day - a 24-hour period, NO HDR, NO Photomatix, NO TONE MAPPING, NO textures, NO Topaz, NO Orton, and NO layers]

New Host, New Rules

Puggs Puggs 282 posts

Hi All

Tori and Jason have glacially accepted my offer to take over as host of Photographers of RedBubble which has turned out to be more of a handful for them.

I have been hosting the Otway Nation Park / Great Ocean Road group for a while now as well as co-host My Child’s Art Both of which are low volume groups.

I look forward to hosting this group and would invite anyone else who would like to assist to contact me.

I have updated the rules a bit as follows, I will also be doing features at the start of each month only. I also plan to try to keep the group down to about 150 pages.

1. All Works must be Photographs (NOT snap shots) or Journals on Photography Tips and Tricks (this DOES NOT include “I have been feature in…”).

2. Description Should contain Camera Info, Lens, Settings (this is to help other members).

3. Description Should explain the photograph, eg location, history, time.

4. On Camera filters allowed but no post production filters: NO HDR, NO textures, NO frames, and NO layering – including NO text overlay (except Copyright and/or artist name), NO Orton Effect, No Selective Colouring and NO composites). But does allow cropping, exposure correction, colour correction (white balance, saturation) and tilt correction.

5. Only those works that do not require the safe filter turned on will be accepted. (Also no violent or sexually suggestive images will be accepted.)

6. Only Your Very BEST Works (those with the most views or comments).

7.ONLY 1 Work Per Member Per Day (those exceeding the limit will NOT BE ACCEPTED).

8. Family “snapshots” and PET snaps (dogs, cats, bunnies and the like) will not be accepted.

Basically it is to be like film photography

All other RedBubble rules and policies DO apply.

Any works that do not follow the rules will be removed without notice.

Regards Puggs

Graham Mewburn Graham Mewburn 47 posts

What is a snap shot
I was walking along the river one taking snap shots
thats all I ever do
I see something I like
grab the camera
or snap, snap, snap …………
I captured an old dinghy amongst the mangroves
when I got home I was not impressed with it and moved on
some time later I joined a new group ‘mangroves, marshes and mudflats,
went looking through my images and thought the dinghy was my best mangrove shot, so entered it
it was featured on the front page of redbubble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what the
it is my most viewed image
my most commented image
and has a few features
and in my opinion is a snap shot
so puggs Why no snap shots
I don’t get it

Puggs Puggs 282 posts


I would concider a Snap Shot as a pciture that is taken quickly without any thought to the crop, exposure or lighting. If you see something you like and then have a bit of thought into it then i don’t consider it a snap shot.

I have on many times been walking with my family and thought something would make a good shot, just because i snap of a few shots doesn’t mean i have no thought of the compersition, crop and exposure of it.

It may be a bit subjective as well, i guess what i may think is a snap shot other may not. But my guide is that where the subject is partialy cut off, under or over exposed or out of focus. Also a poor choice of Depth of Field, eg the front of the subject is in focus while the back is not. Again the will depend on the subject.

I hope this helps.


Ben Loveday Ben Loveday 319 posts

I think you may need to change the title of the Group to reflect the rules…something like “Straight Photography Like Film” or something because its hard to remember all these rules when entering photos in multiple groups….I just had a shot rejected and after reading the rules, the only one that I seemed to have contravened is the one about putting the camera settings in the description. Please explain why this is so important- surely photographers will have to use different settings when they take a similar shot but in different lighting conditions, and if they really want to know, they can ask in a comment anyway…..? The truth is that I had it on Auto anyway, so I could reel off as many shots as possible of the subject because it was like a paparazzi shoot with many photographers juggling for position.

Ben Loveday Ben Loveday 319 posts

This is the shot in question:

Puggs Puggs 282 posts

Hi Ben

This may be a miss understanding on this shot, but without a detailed description i guess that the judgement from who rejected it was that the shot looked as though the image was selectivly coloured or black and whited.

The bottom of the image looks as if all colour was removed, but we could be wrong, if this is not the case, just add that it is out of the camera and no changes done.


Rebble Rebble 2 posts

So when you say “Basically it is to be like film photography” will you accept scanned Bromoil, Lith, Infrared, double exposures, hand tints, sepia, Ambrotype, Anthotypes, Cyanotypes etc?

You exclude Orton but that is a film based technique (Orton Slide sandwich) will you accept it if it is scanned from slides?

Puggs Puggs 282 posts

We have accepted Infrared shots before as well as sepia…

The word is like fillm photography. it is also the Photographers of RedBubble not the Professional Photographers or the Dark Room Experts Photographers of Red Bubble.

Take the rules as a whole, not just 8 words of it.


Rebble Rebble 2 posts

Right! However you didn’t really answer my query which is would you accept other types of photograph other than bog standard 35mm/medium format and their digital equivalents.