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Photographers of RedBubble [*ONE/Day - a 24-hour period, NO HDR, NO Photomatix, NO TONE MAPPING, NO textures, NO Topaz, NO Orton, and NO layers]

A Home for RedBubble Photographers [*ONE/Day - a 24-hour period, NO HDR, NO Photomatix, NO TONE MAPPING, NO textures, NO Topaz, NO Orton, and NO layers]

Photographers of RedBubble Challenge Winner Banner

This challenge closed over 6 years ago.

The Challenge

We would like to have a winner’s banner for our challenges. Please incorporate a camera in your photo design. Make sure that the banner includes the words: Congratulations! This image is a WINNER! Photographers of RedBubble

Please submit your design to the group.

The group guidelines should be followed. By entering this challenge, the artist agrees to let RB and the “Photographers of RedBubble” Group have a nonexclusive license to use their winning design for an indeterminate period of time. Upon close of the challenge, an emailed copy of the winning design shall be sent to a Group Moderator, whose email address will be provided to the winner. No remuneration will be made for use of the winning design.

Judging / Voting Criteria

Please take time to view all Entries.

Vote for your favorite that meets the Challenge criteria in the best way.

Make sure the words are legible…with enough contrast so that it is easy to read.
Don’t forget, there should be a camera in the photo design.

Rewards & Prizes

Winner will have their banner used to announce that a Group Member’s image has WON a challenge in the Photographers of RedBubble Group.

Additional Information

All Entries MUST follow ALL group guidelines to be allowed to stay in the challenge. If the entry does not follow all group guidelines, it will be removed w/o notification. Note: If your image Wins and is not a part of the group, the next image with the highest votes will take its place and claim your prize, provided that it conforms to the group guidelines.
First place ties will be broken by a final moderator vote.

Cover Image: Photographers of RedBubble "This Image Is A Winner" Banner Entry by Ted Busby


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