Photo Realistic Artwork [2 per day] (NO photography or digital works!)

TRADITIONAL artwork that looks so real you have to check it isn't a photo!

Recent Work

  • Manuelino . Mosteiro da Batalha. Monastery. drawing. stone art. by terezadelpilar~ art & architecture
  • Eggplant, Mushrooms, and Chives by Pamela Burger
  • Emu - Compulsive by Kay Cunningham
  • Fledgling Flight by Kay Cunningham
  • Un bout de terre derrière la maison by Aline Gason
  • Playing With Colour by Kay Cunningham
  • From Ben's perspective  by Ray Jackson
  • Lady with "Mushka" by Tatyana Binovskaya
  • Enfant en Inde  by Aline Gason
  • "WELCOME TO MY GARDEN" by ShireenJackson
  • Jeune Fille Ethiopienne 2014 by Aline Gason
  • Léa fillette, portrait à l'aquarelle  by Aline Gason

About This Group


Photorealism created using TRADITIONAL methods takes a great deal of talent and patience and this group exists to showcase these artists. Therefore there are 2 simple guidelines for submission into this group:

1. TRADITIONAL, TRADITIONAL, TRADITIONAL PIECES ONLY!!!!! I say this 3 times because this strictly means TRADITIONAL PIECES ONLY – NO digital pieces, and NO photography.
2. Any real-life subject (eg. it could be captured in a photograph).

A word about HONESTY and INTEGRITY: Please be honest about the MEDIUM used to create your work. To clarify, if your work is a digital piece (either created from scratch or by applying a filter/s over a photo), please do not falsely label it as a traditional piece in an effort to have it accepted or featured in this traditional art group.

As a group which features Realism using traditional methods, we rely on your honesty and integrity about the medium you used. Submitting a digital work, but labelling it otherwise, is EXTREMELY UNFAIR to your fellow artists and a mark of poor artistic integrity. There are plenty of other groups on the bubble for digital pieces – please keep this group for artists who work with traditional mediums.

See the group rules and join this group here

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