Create a unique painting OVER your own photograph with paint software, i.e. PhotoShop, DAP, ArtRage, Twisted Pixels, etc.


pat gamwell pat gamwell 2611 posts

These superb images are the FIRST to be Featured in our new & exciting Group!!
We applaud your excellent renditions…..THANK YOU ALL!
(These Features will be Honored & displayed on our Home Page)

(click on images for Artist’s gallery page)

FYI: We’re only 4 days old…so while our group is growing, we will start with 6 Features at a time.

Pat & Kira

Carolyn Staut Carolyn Staut 132 posts

My goodness, I am so extremely touched and honored to be chosen to be among such awesome talent. Many warm thanks for the honor and warm congratulations to my fellow featured artists. (WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

shutterbug2010 shutterbug2010 273 posts

I am extremely honored to be among the first six features in this great new group!!! Congratulations to all the featured artists, excellent work all!!!

Dennis Melling Dennis Melling 358 posts

I feel excited and pleased that my work has become a feature in your new group and congratulate my fellow ‘First Featurites’.
I have spent a lifetime enjoying the art of photography, the last few years the art of acrylic painting and now the last few months has involved me in the era of the digital brush. Long may the challenges go on :0

suzannem73 suzannem73 131 posts

Thanks so much for the honor of being a charter feature in your group. The other artists have fantastic work. I know I will enjoy seeing their art and learning from them.

Jean Hildebrant Jean Hildebrant 29 posts

All of these photos are works of art and I am very honored to be featured in this great new group! Thank you moderators!!